Yin Yoga or Power Yoga? Make the right decision.

Enrolling in Yoga sessions online helps in a full-body workout. It involves stretching and breathing mechanisms that help in warming up. Today more than 100 types of yoga are practised all over the world, some forms of yoga are slow yet effective, and some are highly powerful. For example, yin yoga is a slow form of yoga, whereas power yoga is a fast/powerful yoga form.

Difference between yin yoga sessions and power yoga sessions.

Yin yoga
This form of yoga was found in the year 1970 by Taoist yoga instructor Paulie zink. This form of yoga originated from the old-practices from Taiwan and China. Yin yoga has twenty main postures, and sometimes it can be increased to forty extended postures. These postures are designed to regulate the body’s flow of energy and promote balance and flexibility. This is a comprehensive workout that encourages the practitioner to stay in the posture for four to five minutes.

Power yoga
This form of yoga came into existence in the year 1990. Power yoga is a little different from traditional yoga forms as it is a high-intensity, fast-paced yoga workout. This form of yoga is mostly practised in Western countries, and it is slowly gaining more popularity in India. Still, initially, it is adapted from Ashtanga yoga (This yoga practise originated in India). So anyone with good practical knowledge about ashtanga yoga can easily catch up with power yoga. Power yoga focuses on body movement, strength, endurance and flexibility.

This is how yin yoga is different from power yoga. There are yoga sessions online available for both yin yoga and power yoga but before enrolling, one should be aware of the health benefits to be sure about their decision.

Health benefits

There are several benefits for both yin yoga and power yoga. No matter which type of yoga you choose to practice, both of them are immensely beneficial and rewarding if practised regularly.
Below mentioned are the most important benefits for both forms of yoga;

Health benefits of yin yoga
Yin yoga helps in calming minds
This form of yoga also helps to reduce anxiety and stress
This form of yoga increases individuals focus and attention
Yin yoga is suitable for people with a highly active lifestyle
Yin yoga postures help in relaxing the muscles
Holding the pose for four to five minutes helps the practitioner find their proper balance.
Yin yoga stretches the muscles and increases flexibility

Health benefits of power yoga

Power yoga helps in building stamina
Power yoga improves the cardiovascular health of individuals
Power yoga helps in building core strength
This form of yoga warms the body muscles resulting in sweat, which in turn removes toxins from the body and helps it cool down
Improves alignment and flexibility

If you are planning on signing up for yoga sessions online, you can consider these forms of yoga. To better understand yoga and power yoga, one can enrol for free sessions to practice both. This will help the practitioner take an informed decision while they register for a yoga session online. Yoga is a beautiful, rejuvenating, therapeutic form of workout benefiting humans for the last 5000 years. Yoga can heal the body inside-out; it will help you be more conscious, focused, and energized throughout the day. If you are looking for something which will help you relax after a tiring day or an intense cardiovascular exercise after you wake up, which will energize you for the entire day, then you should try yoga; it provides the best of both worlds