Protectstar – A Security Vault Designed Just For You

Protectstar – A Security Vault Designed Just For You

Sometimes you just gotta vent about a person in your office, a friend, or the guy next to you on the train. Protectstar makes it super easy plus you don’t have to run the risk of them seeing it. Gotta have it. This app works great and does what it says it does. I’m sure it’s of no use if you’re worried about the NSA watching you, but it should work great for most people. Plus, you can’t beat the price.

Privacy and Confidentiality

It’s very private and makes you feel like a secret agent for using it. And it is even more fun on all the other devices you use. Protectstar is the best for private messaging. No one can take a screenshot of your message or anything. No history is left after the message has been read. Also Securely Erase iPhone leaving no trails behind. Best private messaging app ever, because it offers the best encryption. Thoughtfully designed private messaging app that is immensely helpful in the workplace. When you need confidential messaging and you can’t rely on in-person conversations, try Protectstar.

Secured Way of Communication

Very useful and easy to use. Protectstar is the best at secure communication for business, friends or with family. If you want to protect yourself, your business interest and family then Protectstar will help you to stay safe. It does exactly what it claims to do and so far it is the best and has worked seamlessly. Protectstar is a lifesaver to so many people in all professions and would help in many ways.

Private Messaging with High-end Encryption

I’ve been waiting for an app like this since I deal with confidential information all the time in my job. The UI is clean so it’s very easy to use. Protectstar is an amazing app. One of the best software to delete files you will ever see recently. This solution is so elegant and simple. Now you have a secure way of sending information or messages that you want to make sure stay private.

Smooth & Easy UI

This app is great and does what I expected. Protectstar allows for faster and smoother interaction between user and app. It’s not a deal breaker but something to consider. The interface is pretty easy. Once you upload photos/videos, it gives you the option to delete them from your camera roll which is nice. Protectstar is everything I could ask for. The intuitive layout, along with the aesthetic design, makes this app stand out.

Security Vault For All Your Confidential Data

One of the best desguised “vault”-type app Protectstar, it helps in keeping your data safe and protects others from misusing. So far, very easy to use — very intuitive and streamline. Also, a great way to avoid accidentally deleting pics from Photos. Since Apple doesn’t really allow you to keep stuff hidden, it’s really nice to have some options for not having everything all out there if someone gets a hold of your phone! Great app!

If your phone’s storage is full, and desperately need to clear up storage space or need a mac data eraser, without losing/deleting and data, this app saves you money and important data. Awesome app, it is a relief to have a reliable app that is dependable, safe and very private. I will recommend this app to anyone who values privacy. Get Protectstar to secure your phone and keep your data well organized.