Party Makeup

Party make up in 15 minutes: things that you must know
While preparing for any party, time is often a very big constraint and we usually have a huge task at the hand while having limited time, we have lehenga and everything to take care of us, plus hairstyle, and most importantly – makeup, and it takes hours to get set, but what if we had only a limited time? Well then too, it works.
Go through these speedy tips that will help you get set for any sort of party, so now you wouldn’t need to worry a lot about having any sort of a time crunch. These tips will help you get ready in less than 15 minutes.
1. Eyes: Use q liquid liner and swipe it quickly to look beautiful. Apply a regular black pencil, right along the lash line, and wrap it up till the outer corner, people often spend a lot of time on this, but guess what – this alone does the job well. This will help you to fill the gaps between the lash hairs quickly.
2. Lips: Pick up a lipstick based on the event and the dress combination, usually it should be in the contrast to the dress that you are wearing. While applying the lipstick, remember to press your lips tightly against the lipstick, especially the center portion and then loosen the grip towards the end of the lips, once you are done, wipe off the excess lipstick. And then you would be all set, don’t brood a lot of in, as long as shade, outline and the pressure on the center portion is fine, you are done.
3. Face lift up: To bring additional sparkle on your face, apply shimmer, it is advisable to use fingers than spatula for applying shimmer, as fingers give you greater control on applying to the most crucial parts, and always remember to work harder on the t zone of the face, that will make you lit up.
4. Miscellaneous: Make sure that you do the mascara right, you can leave it, but it would hardly take you a few minutes, just ensure that you apply it the zigzag way, and you would be set. You can avoid eye shadow, but if you have about 2-3 minutes extra, then go for it. To make it quickly roll it three-four times. And concentrate more on the wide eye portion, and then giving finishing shade at the very end of the eye.

With all these, you would look perfect, and you would be set for all the events, and be it party or just anything else, you would be set with these quick tips, you need to make sure that you quickly wrap up the most important things and leave the most subtle ones, remember that 90% of make up can be done in 10% of the time, so take benefit of this rule and you would look set for the event.
If you would like a party makeup artist, then we recommend you download an app by UrbanClap Company that gives you a platform to hire professionals. The reason why this app is popular is because it doesn’t charge you any amount, so while you can use these tips pretty well for party make up, if you want a professional to take care of it, be it for wedding or any other event, then you can get a professional to do the job.
At the core of every make up is the inner confidence so make sure that you have unwavering confidence within you to get the most out of everything and look perfect.