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It is not specific. Advertisement can be done by any business small, medium or large, educational institution, hotel, restaurant, organisation of any kind for any product. Advertisement is done for the purpose of catching customer’s attention towards any product or service or for popularizing it. Advertisement not directly increases the sale or reputation of the company but yes directly influences people mind strongly to believe in the product and try it for once. Most of the products in the market are able to survive for long term because they never leave side of advertisement; their company brings everything in public notice in such an interesting way that produces more and more customers to the product and this way is advertisement.

It is not like a small product not needs any kind of ad to famous itself or any big brand doesn’t advertise its product. In this advance era no one simply wants to lag behind and make their customers forget about their product or brand, so they keep advertising in much better way then before earn free talktime.
Why they do advertising? It’s simple. As explained earlier to grab customer’s attention at the right time, to survive in the market and reap profits. No logical person would like to spend his money on some random product so advertisement manage to make product of high value, Reputated, branded enough to not to regret after buying it. Advertisement not only brings customers but also make its product branded at the same time.

Best advertising to be done by : Best advertising are done by advertising agencies. They are just expertise in their field, they work with extra care. It would always be beneficial for a lost company to go for advertising agencies with your genuine problem rather than to run before spineless ideas and waste campaigns. Specialisation always wins so let ad agencies do their work.
Research well the market, strategies of competitors; search the opportunities that you can take advantage of, things or assets that are required for ad agencies, techniques, ideas etc.Plan to open a business after deep analysis and deciding from where to raise capital, sources your own or borrowed, which assets are required to purchase like digital camera, creative other things that are required while running an ad agency. It can also be called financial planning or planning overall business.Before investment of any kind there would be proper evaluation of all the available options with you. Evaluation here means more with positive and less negative option should be opted that work for profit and quality work. Proper evaluation of governmental policies before establishing any firm in any state because state affairs affects a lot to any kind of business. Proper preparation and getting licences if required at any specific spot honest money earning app.