Can You Buy Android Ratings For Your App?


To answer the question – yes, you can. But you might be wondering why? Well, if you are an app developer who has recently published an app and are looking for tactics to market the app so that you can see a growth in the number of app users and an increase in the number of downloads. While searching for methods to increase your app’s reach and organic growth, you must have stumbled upon the advice that advised you to buy Android ratings . Android has around 2.5 billion users all over the world so it makes sense that you have released your app on Android and targeting a large user base. You can decide to buy Android ratings anytime but you should know what you are getting into when you are making a choice.

Why should you buy Android ratings?

The Google Play Store takes a lot of factors into consideration when it shows apps on its first page or as the ‘top results’. An app should meet certain requirements before it gets shown to a large audience. Let us have a look over how this choice can help you gain an upper hand for your app:

App Ratings: You can make a rough guess about any app’s quality normally by seeing the app ratings on Google Play Store. People are more tempted to use apps that have more than 4 stars, preferably a rating of 4.4 stars or 4.5 stars. Any app that has less than 4 stars gets looked at with scepticism. People are suspicious of apps that have ratings of 3.5 stars and lower. Even a 3.8-star app or a 3.9-star app is not considered to be worthy of a download sometimes.

The number of downloads: The Google Play Store has numerous apps for every category. The sorting algorithm thus will automatically prefer apps that have a higher rating. But there is a catch in that! If an app has a higher rating with a comparatively lower number of downloads, an app with a better download number will be considered that might or might not have a higher rating. The difference between them is significant. For example, if an app in the messaging category has a 4.4-star rating with over a billion downloads, then it will be shown as the first choice. The app with 10 million downloads but a 4.6-star rating won’t be the top choice but might be among the top three or top five choices.

Duration: Another big factor that is taken into consideration is how long the user uses the app on their phones. If they uninstall the app soon after the installation, it means that the app either has a low user retention power or the services are ultra-fast and one-time!


Although you can always buy Android ratings to improve your app’s position, you should take note that user experience must never be compromised. You can always get organic downloads and reviews if your app is top-notch!